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Channeling Jane in the Jungle of Life

Imagine that you are Jane.  You live in the jungle and life is nice.  You have a lovely tree house and you love Tarzan.  But you’ve come to realize that you want to take control over the direction of your life.  Love is great and all –  yet you know that you don’t want rely […]

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The Power of Routines

Have you been feeling a little stuck?  Are you finding yourself feeling overwhelmed?    I’m going to share with you a great tool for getting unstuck and combating overwhelm: harness the power of nourishing routines. I know, I know.   Just the word “routine” sounds incredibly stiff and inflexible. And the mere suggestion that creating a routine […]

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The Birth of Your Inner Critic

I used to wonder when was that our Inner Critic is born. I knew that she doesn’t burst  forth with us as we escape the womb and begin our lives as beautiful, perfectly imperfect human beings.   Nor do I believe that she springs to life in our earliest days of existence. I’m an intuitive and […]

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An Idea is Born

I was having coffee with a dear friend.  We were talking about the relationships with our significant other and that topic came up.  You know the one.  The S-E-X discussion.  And the lack of that in her life. “You always seem to mention how HOT sex is at your house.” And then I let her […]

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