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Darling, It Will Be OK

Hello, my dear.  Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired of how your life is going?  Are you feeling scattered?  Do you feel like you are hanging on by the knuckles to survive? I know it’s hard.  It’s challenging to feel anything but dullness and pain.  It’s a struggle to see through […]

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What Do You Want?

ell me, darling: What do you want?  No.  I’m not talking about unlimited books, a trip to Paris, a perfect relationship or a killer wardrobe that fits your (now) size 4 svelte body.  I’m asking you what your heart most desires so that your soul can soar. Don’t get me wrong.  There’s not a damned […]

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On the Subject of Fear

ell me, darling.  What are you afraid of?  For many people the obvious answers would be spiders, snakes and dark alleys.  Let’s face it:  these are things that we can avoid in most cases. In fact, we often make jokes about these types of fears because we see them as common amongst the human race. […]

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Leaving the White Picket Fence Led to Happily Ever After

nce upon a time, I did what good Southern girls are supposed to do: I got married young and created the appearance of the perfect white-picket-fence life. We bought a three-bedroom “starter home,” got a dog and a cat, and began to plan for children.  When the children came, I turned my career upside-down, joined […]

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