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The Masks of Everyday Life

Every day, everywhere, we hide our true selves with masks  and disguises as if Halloween was a constant event, rather than a single day.  The woman next door puts on a mask of perfection, pretending that she loves her in-laws, that volunteering for the PTA is the most important part of her life, and that […]

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Avoiding the Questions

e sat across the table from each other, sharing hot cups of coffee and pieces of a decadent chocolate cake I had made earlier in the week.  One of my closest friends had come over to catch up. We talked of love and fear and laughter and home and the daily joys and challenges of […]

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Go from Meow to Roar!

The Next Circle opens on September 13, 2015. What’s Behind Make Your Inner Sex Kitten Roar? I have to be honest. I believe that within every woman is a vibrant, passionate, and sexy being.  Sometimes, she is lost to all the “should be’s” and “must do’s”, and just needs a little help to break out […]

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