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Clear the Deck: Spring Clean Your Brain

t’s time to dive into spring with gusto, and for me that means a little spring cleaning over the next month. Cleaning the deck off and preparing it for dinners and morning coffee. Cleaning behind the fridge. And yes, cleaning windows. My mind is often overflowing with ideas and to do’s.  That’s why I know […]

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Transition & Transformation

ransition and transformation is challenging to most of us. Yes, even those of us that have sought growth and change. One of the reasons I so often share snippets of nature related tales is that it’s an easily understandable example of what happens to us as humans. For me, a transformation begins like Autumn. Back […]

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Bounce Back Faster by Shoring Up

Recently I read that some of the recent research on sleep shows that we can bank extra sleep in preparation for a late night ahead but it takes our bodies two weeks to catch up. I find the blending of science and practicality fascinating in all kinds of ways. What really struck me the most […]

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