An Idea is Born

I was having coffee with a dear friend.  We were talking about the relationships with our significant other and that topic came up.  You know the one.  The S-E-X discussion.  And the lack of that in her life.

coffeetogether“You always seem to mention how HOT sex is at your house.”

And then I let her in on a secret:  it all had begun with changing my relationship with ME.  And when I began to see myself as desirable, loveable, and sexy…then my sex life followed suit.

Then she told me I should teach a course in re-discovering your sexy.

That day, I went home and purchased this domain.

And then I dug into more research.

  • I journaled about my transformation from unhappy wife to divorcee to rediscovering my sexuality to being in a happy, healthy monogamous relationship of more than two years.   I wanted to pull out everything I had done that made me glow in my sexuality.
  • I re-read every book on relationships and captured the gems of wisdom that had assisted me transform my life.
  • I talked to my clients – men and women.
  • I talked to fellow coaches.
  • I surveyed men and asked them about sex and what was sexy.
  • I surveyed women and asked them what made them feel sexy and confident.
  • And then I created other group programs, aimed at clearing clutter.  Because I knew that this program would be transformational. And I wanted it to be right.

And then, while on sabbatical, I narrowed in on the best way to offer this program.

Weekly Lessons over Daily Lessons.  So that everyone had a chance to embody the lesson, do the exercises and make baby steps of change in their world.

Time.  This program is a journey of discovery, change, and transformation.  That times time, so the program will last 12 months.  There are 53 weeks of lessons and worksheets.  Time also grows bonds and trust.

A small group of women.  Women need spiritual nourishment.  Women need a sisterhood of support.   Women learn from the stories of other women.  So, I wanted to create this support within the program.

Group Synergy.  In order to make changes, we need encouragement and consistency in action.  There will be a private group forum with interactions with each other as well as my full participation.

Voice to Voice Contact.  Monthly Group Coaching Calls – for support, building the bonds with each other.

One-on-One Coaching.  Group programs are great.  And we do learn from the stories of others.  But each person needs direct support.  So, each person in the program gets, in addition to the group call, a private one-on-one call.

Affordability.  The program will be $153 a month.   It’s a fair and affordable price for weekly lessons, forum support, group coaching and private coaching.  A single session with me is $125 alone.

If you’re interested in joining, please sign up for Make Your Inner Sex Kitten Roar News.  I’m so excited about bringing this program to you.

I know that YOU have a sexy beast inside of you.  And It’s time for us to make her ROAR with Joy and Pride.

The Next Circle will open April 27, 2014.

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