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Meditation to Fall in Love with Your Life


If I had to reduce my personal “coping with anything” toolbox down to a handful of tools, I’d have to include clearing physical clutter, a gratitude practice, clearing my head by writing things down, and meditation. So now for some brutal honesty, my dear: in the last year, I’ve fallen far away from any regular […]

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Origins of a Tarnished Southern Belle


As I mentioned earlier this year, we humans learn from the stories of others.  Before the written word was accessible, we passed down our stories by singing and speaking them.  Human history is recorded because people need to tell stories and people need to hear them  time and again. Other people’s stories can provide us […]

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Write Yourself a Valentine


When I was a little girl, I was passionate about everything that crossed my path.  Life was a virtual banquet of possibilities.  On any single day, I could be a dozen different people. Outside with my little red wagon, I was an Intrepid Explorer and Adventurer.  I dug in the dirt and examined archeological treasures.  […]

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Love Life: Discover Your Inner Wisdom


I want to share a secret with you, darling.  Deep within you lies a well of wisdom. When I ask you what you most desire, what do you answer?  To be honest, many of you will say “I don’t know” and believe that it’s an honest answer.  But here’s the deal kitten:  You do know.  […]

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