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Embracing Happy: 9 Tips for Cultivating It!


Let’s be honest:   The world is full of miserable and unhappy people. And you know what?  They want company. Your social network feeds are full of people bitching and complaining about the injustices of society – like Starbucks being out of pumpkin muffins,  their company’s policy against being on Facebook during work, or the audacity […]

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45 in 45: A Lifetime of Lessons

Walter M Baumhofer for cosmo1943

I turned forty-five years old this past week.  This website saw its second birthday, though I’ve been coaching as the main focus of my business life for three years now.  There is something super celebratory in using my own birth-date as the beginning point.  It’s like having my very own fiscal year. My first post […]

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Develop Your Year: Beginning Now


When 2010 began, I believed it would end up being my worst year ever: my personal life was in shambles, work was stressful, and my mom had been diagnosed with cancer.  Even though I had a several-years-old practice of choosing a word of the year as my focus, with all of the stress in my […]

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Your Soul’s Road Map: A Vision & A Plan


There is a sweet beauty to serendipity. We meet a new lover by chance.  We cross paths with an old friend. We find the perfect dress for that upcoming event. We wander into a nifty coffee shop and discover the perfect writing environment. The spirit of serendipity has brought me to some of the best […]

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