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Ditch Summertime Blues for Summer Love


Hello, darling.  How is the summer treating you?  If you’re like many folks, summertime brings around thoughts of vacations, ditching routines, and longings for bikini-ready bodies.    Personally, I’ve been awash with sensory memories. The early morning cooing of the doves and the smell of rain on hot concrete remind me of summers with my […]

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Lather. Rinse. Repeat.


Once upon a time, I rushed from one moment to the next. The years were marked by milestones.   First Day of School.  Christmas. Vacation. My next business trip. Birthdays.  Attending a Wedding. A romantic weekend in a B&B. A trip to Europe. A concert. But over the last couple of years, I’ve learned  to […]

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The Voice of Logic is Sometimes Fear

Second Thoughts by Gil Elvgren

I would love to tell you that I am always the “Courage Whisperer”.  It isn’t that I’m fearless.  Or that I’ve completely mastered all my fears.  Or so sure of myself that I am no longer feel uncertain or vulnerable. Or any kind of mastery of fear. It’s just that, over the years, I’ve many […]

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My Secret Sauce for a Life You Love


Darling, are you tired of colliding thoughts? Do you feel as if your passions have been buried under layers and layers of existing? Are you so overwhelmed with “to-dos” that you don’t have time to acknowledge what you really desire? Are you channeling Scarlett O’Hara and vowing to think about what you really want tomorrow? […]

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