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14 Tricks for Getting Back in the Saddle

Sitting Pretty by Elvgren

Oh, darling, let me be honest with you. The last year has been made up of me sitting at my desk on the computer and a heck of lot less time on my feet moving my body. What this has translated to is what you’d expect: less flexibility and a few extra pounds. While I […]

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When I Create a Life I Love, Will It Be Perfect?

By Jon Whitcomb

There seems to be this undercurrent of belief that once you create a life you love, each and every day is going to be picture-perfect. Here’s daily life:  You will rise in the morning alert and ready to face the coming day.  You will serenely meditate, get some exercise, and eat a delicious, hand-crafted breakfast. […]

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Create a Life You Love by Trusting Your Gut

The Lady Was Insulted by Mike Ludlow

I’ll confess this up front:  I am a logical creature. In fact, I realized that the need for order and reason was a core part of who I am when I was in the 2nd grade devouring every Nancy Drew Logic Puzzle Book they made. Let me tell you, baby, to this day, I work […]

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Welcome to Debra Smouse

Hello, darling. I’m so glad you’re here. I know there’s something you are searching for – and I want to help you discover it. Maybe you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed by life or torn by needing to fit everything into your schedule. I can help you. I’m an expert at De-TANGLING! And, I LOVE doing […]

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Create a Life You Love: Decide to Change

By Jim Schaeffing

Sometimes, darling, I know that life feels impossible, immovable and unchangeable. We believe that we are stuck within a circumstance of life. We buy into the belief that you cannot teach an old dog new tricks. And because we see the nubile young bodies and faces on TV shows and in magazines, we believe that […]

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