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When Fear Triggers Your Response

Romance Novel Cover by Joel Malmed

Each of us has an instinctive reaction to perceived danger. Physiologists call this the flight-fight-or-freeze response. When we are in a situation that feels like a threat to our safety, security or life, the primal part of our brains (amygdala aka “lizard brain”) kicks in and triggers our hormones and body into the appropriate response. […]

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Attack Those Piles & Clear That Clutter


There’s something about the change in seasons that begs for pulling out blankets and settling in for marathons of Angel  or Mad Men…and reading all those summer novels you swore you were going to read, but didn’t. And, baby, I am all for some leisure time and play.But, I also know that it’s quite possible […]

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Darling, It’s Time To Clear Up Those Undones


Let me tell you one of the secrets to creating a life you love: you can’t welcome the new into your life until you let go of the old stuff that is no longer a part of your path forward. I’ve been reminded of this the last couple of weeks.  Often. The first thing that […]

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Aim the Arrow: Create a Vision & a Plan


I know something about you, darling. You have these delicious nuggets of desire, big dreams, and these longings of ideas that you know would work if you dared. You don’t move forward because you don’t know where to start. Or that inner voice inside of you tells you that you can’t succeed. Or you believe […]

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Flowers, Vision & Faith: A Love Story

Porches and Flowers

When my ex-husband moved out of our house after seventeen years there together,  one of the first things I did was head to a local home improvement store to buy flowers. Though that was almost a decade ago, I can still clearly see the gold and bronze mums I purchased. Planting them allowed me to […]

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