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Become Besotted with the Art of Living

Contemplative Beauty By Vladimir Volegov

It’s early morning as I write this little love letter to you. The sun is beginning to stream through the office windows belying the fact that we’re experiencing single digit temperatures. There are two lit candles on my windowsill and a cup of coffee on my desk. The house is blessedly quiet except for the […]

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The Whispers of the Soul

Artist: Jack Vettriano

It’s almost Christmas as I write this, darling. I had a whole other blog post planned for this week, but it can wait for a week or two. I know you may not celebrate the Christmas. Or maybe, this year, you just don’t feel like celebrating Christmas.  Everywhere I go, it seems as if folks […]

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Harnessing the Magic of the Winter Solstice


From the time I was a little girl I felt the innate magical quality of solstices and equinoxes. In my mind, the mythical Mother Nature turned a special dial to officially change the season. I still feel that magical pull on those days. As I’ve aged, I’ve learned that my childhood view of magic has […]

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From Surviving to Conscious Living


Once upon a time, I believed that in order to be happy and seen as worthy of love, I had to follow the rules, the plan for Good Southern Girls, and carefully tend to my Role in Life. The plan was something like this: Be a good girl in high school and plan for college […]

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Are You Drinking the Sand?


In the midst of the holiday season, it’s understandable when our minds drift down memory lane. We remember the smell of our grandmother’s house and her cornbread dressing with lots of sage. We remember Santa always leaving us an orange in our stocking. We remember the laughter around the holiday table as cousins chattered over […]

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